Invitation for Workshop

Re-programming Conscious, Sub-Conscious, & Super Conscious Mind

Presented by: Global College of Behavioral Modification, a non-profit organization

9560 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Suite, 204, Chatsworth, CA 91311

Phone: 818-407-8908             Fax: 818-407-8909



Organized by: Bhakta Cultural Center


Conducted by:           Durlabh (Kevin) Borad completed thesis for Ph.D. in

                        Psychology. Conducted over 600 workshops since 1981 on

                              Total Health Management.


How Much:                       Free, Also complimentary dinner will be served


When:                               Saturday, December 4, 20102PM to 5:30 PM


Where:                  Bhakta Cultural Center, 12311 Firestone Blvd.,

                                          Norwalk, CA 90650   Phone: 562-868-8200


Whom to contact:     Registration required. Vin Inductivo at 818-407-8917 X 100

                                                               Or Rajendra Bhakta (562) 307-0025


What to bring:           You must Bring - Writing pad, pen, water bottle, Asana


Sponsor of the Food:  Raju & Bharti Lungaria                                          

Objective To provide turn-key package containing time tested, practical, and scientific strategy for living an integrated life capable of delivering physical, mental, material, and spiritual prosperity. Complete package of material and DVDs will be provided free of charge as a self-study course.


Agenda for the Workshop



What: Focus on activating Ida Nadi (Female energy channel), Pingala Nadi (Male energy channel), and Shushumana (Kundalini energy channel). It involves attracting, inhaling, circulating, storing, activating Prana (Vital Life Force). It has specific impact on eighteen attributes of person’s physical, mental, and spiritual personality.

Benefits: Seventeen Specific Benefits

Time: 20 Minutes



What: It relates to meditation. It teaches participants as to how to decode vices (bad habits) and code virtues by separating powers of conscious, sub-conscious, and super conscious mind.

Benefits: Eighteen Benefits

Time: 20 Minutes


Practice Three:  Mantra Yoga

What: Mantra Yoga  is the most ancient, time tested and yet  least utilized science of instrument of thoughts that cultures, purifies and  refines mind and makes its perceptions sharp and concentrated. It is a mental tool  that can release us from  our conditioned  mental  habits. It  relates to recitation and meditation. Its focus is educating mind through the process of repetition, retention, recall, and recognition. Mantra never fails.

Benefits: Twenty Four Powers

Time: 20 Minutes


BREAK: 10 Minutes



What: Details of steps in implementing the program and their applications in day-to-day life.

Time: 10 Minutes – 7 General Steps

                70 Minutes – 12 Principles for Re-programming Three Minds (The Strategy to win the war inside the mind)


      QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: 15 Minutes                                                         CONCLUSION: 15 Minutes